RHnet -- Icelandic University Research Network

The Icelandic University Research Network (RHnet) was formally established on january 24, 2001. Its objective is to link together Icelandic universities and research institutions by means of an high capacity computer network, and supply services in the field of computer communications, both domestically and internationally.

RHnet is a limited company, founded with the sole aim of enhancing the level of communication within the Icelandic university and research community, and serve as its gateway to international networks.

The company handles relations with NORDUnet, which is the collective university and research net of the Nordic countries. RHnet operates from TŠknigar­ur which is a part of the campus at the University of Iceland.

The founders of RHnet are: The University of Iceland, Iceland University of Education, The University of Akureyri, ReykjavÝk University, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Hvanneyri Agricultural University, Bifr÷st School of Business, Hˇlar College, The State Horticultural School, The National University Hospital, The Nordic Volcanological Institute, The Icelandic Technological Institute, The Construction Research Institute, The Agricultural Research Institute, National Energy Authority, Marine Research Institute and The Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories.

RHnet is based on the principle of exclusive service to the institutions linked to it. Thus RHnet is only open to acknowledged Icelandic institutions of research and higher learning. No distinction is made between basic and applied science provided that the institute in question enjoys official recognition. The criterium for institutes of higher learning is that of a university degree in at least one subject. Other institutions may be connected to the net, provided these are cooperating with a university or research institution and the connection is collectively beneficial. RHnet on the other hand does not connect individuals.

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